MedCura Health partners with The DeKalb Board of Health, MARTA, and Emory to support “Get Vaxxed DeKalb” campaign

At an October 6 public unveiling, MedCura Health joined DeKalb County officials representing The DeKalb Board of Health, MARTA, and Emory to introduce the “Get Vaxxed DeKalb” campaign and a custom-wrapped MARTA bus featuring the campaign logo. The new marketing strategy was developed with one goal in mind: get DeKalb County residents vaccinated against COVID-19. “Together, we will rise and overcome; divided, we will fall,” said Dr. Sandra Valenciano, district health director for DeKalb County Board of Health. “The only way we’re going to beat COVID-19 is if we come together and get vaccinated, not for our own good but for the common good.”

The coalition of partners hope the visibility of the “Get Vaxxed DeKalb” slogan will increase awareness and vaccination numbers in the county. The wrapped MARTA bus will, said MARTA CEO Jeff Parker, “drive around [DeKalb County] and remind people to step up and get vaccinated.” Additionally, Parker stated that starting in October, MARTA is encouraging its employees to be fully vaccinated or regularly tested.

Dr. Valenciano shared the three most important things DeKalb County residents can do for the health and well-being of themselves and the DeKalb community:

  1. Get the COVID-19 vaccine, and include children 12 to 17 years old who are eligible.
  2. Get the flu vaccine.
  3. Continue to wear a mask in public places, and maintain social distancing practices and hand washing.

“Before DeKalb began its vaccination events, approximately 44 percent of its eligible residents were fully vaccinated,” said DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond. “DeKalb’s push to get residents vaccinated has increased that percentage to 51 percent. We have surpassed our initial goal and our new goal is to get 60 percent of our eligible population vaccinated by Dec. 1 of this year.”

For more information, visit www.dekalbcountyga.gov.

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