MedCura x DeepScribe Press Release

[San Francisco, August 21, 2023] – DeepScribe, the leading provider of AI medical documentation solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with MedCura, an industry leading (FQHC) primary care network in the Atlanta, GA community.

With 45 years of experience providing affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare services to ethnically diverse patients and their families, MedCura chose DeepScribe over competing AI solutions due to superior flexibility, documentation quality, and pricing. MedCura has found immediate success with DeepScribe and the two parties are working together closely to reduce the documentation burden, boost capacity, and achieve better clinician, patient, and commercial outcomes.

“Partnering with DeepScribe is one of the best tech decisions we’ve made in recent years,” said Clayton Knox, MedCura CFO. “DeepScribe’s eagerness to collaborate with us at the business and clinical level is allowing us to scale adoption and meet our objectives faster than we could have expected.”

“From a clinical perspective, this technology has been a game changer,” said Monique Merritt-Atkins, MD, MedCura Family Medicine practitioner and clinician champion. “My colleagues and I are providing better care, billing more completely, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”

For DeepScribe, this partnership represents a continuing ability to satisfy both clinical and business stakeholders and deliver on multiple verticals.

“MedCura’s collaboration and honest communication has been a huge benefit to us,” said Akilesh Bapu, DeepScribe CEO and Co-Founder. “It’s allowing us to fine-tune our solution to meet their business and clinical needs and as a result, we’ve been able to unburden clinicians, while helping the business improve patient outcomes and drive more revenue, which, as an FQHC, is a huge priority.”

The current partnership has seen 100% clinical adoption within its established scope in just 6 months, and with a clinical team that conducts more than 72,000 visits across 11 locations annually, there is mutual agreement to further expand DeepScribe services.

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